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Nutritive line - Dry skin

Sebum is the natural oil produced by the skin. When sebum is lacking, the skin can be very uncomfortable. A well-nourished skin will always look younger. The skin can be dry all year long, or occasionally  (change of seasons, stress...).

Nutritive comfort cream

Comfort, restore and protect the skin from chronic or occasional dryness to visibly preserve its youthfulness.

  • Intensely nourishes and protects the skin from premature ageing.

  • Skin is soft and silky.

  • Optimal nourishement with an extremely light texture.

  • USE: All year long for chronic dry skin morning and evening. As needed for occasionnally dry skin morning and/or evening.

Nutritive comfort cream.jpg

Essential lipid elixir

The “SOS” skincare oil. Finally, a solution for all skin types (except oily skin) to treat occasional dryness.

  • Ultra-nourishing dry oil. with no "greasy" effect.

  • Skin is immediately relieved of sensations of discomfort.

  • It is soothed and more nourished. Immediate soothing effect.

  • USE: On the entire face and neck or locally on concerned areas morning and/or evenings. All year long for chronic dry skin, before nutritive comfort cream. When needed for occasionally dry skin, before nutritive comfort cream or your usual cream.

  • Contains jojoba and rice bran oils to restore the skin's natural hydrolipidic film.

Nutri-soothing mask

Designed for sensitive skin, this mask is also perfect for dry skin to relieves sensations of discomfort. Emergency care which envelops skin in the softness of its downy, melt-in texture.

  • Immediate softening.

  • Rich texture "melting wax".

  • Fragrance free.

  • USE: Spread an even layer overs the face and neck. Leave the skin to relax for 10 minutes. On a very dry skin, absorb and rub in excess. Or rinse if your skin is not too dry. Follow by your skincare cream. Once or twice a week.

Essential lipid elixir.jpg
Nutri soothing mask.jpg

For cleansing, a dry skin can use the comfort duo of cleansing milk & toning lotion. Any scrub can be used twice a month if micro-gel peeling or face scrub is used, or once a week if biological skin peeling is used. Most of the Sothys creams are available in a rich texture designed for dry skin.

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