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Hydra 3HA Hyaluronic acid line - Hydrating line

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Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the skin to keep it well hydrated. However, the level of hyaluronic acid tends to lower so this Sothys product range is perfect to rehydrate the skin intensely. All skin types can be dehydrated from time to time, so everybody can benefit from this Sothys products range.

Intensive hydrating serum

Highly effective formula regenerate the skin and lastingly restore its moisture. The skin is intensely moisturized, its elasticity is renewed, it looks and feels regenerated. Its youth is preserved.

  • Contains liposomes to boost the penetration of active ingredients.

  • Fluid gel-cream, fresh and soft on application.

  • USE: As a treatment with one bottle, to be repeated. Apply morning and/or evening over the entire face and neck area. Follow with skincare cream.

  • All skin types, dehydrated to very dehydrated. 

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Hydrating youth cream / Hydrating comfort youth cream

Creams with a choice of two textures to immediately moisturize the skin and protect it day after day.

  • Hydrating comfort youth cream: Creamy balm texture for normal to dry skin.

  • Hydrating youth cream: Light emulsion melting when applied for normal to combination skin.

  • The skin is moiturized and comfortable.

  • The skin's radiance and youthfulness are preserved day after day.

  • USE: Apply morning and/or evening over the entire face and neck area after the serum.

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Hydra-smoothing mask

This creamy mask instantly envelops the skin with softness upon application. When it is removed, the skin's elasticity is renewed, it looks smoother and visibly younger. The skin is hydrated.

  • Very smooth gel-cream texture. 

  • Fresh on application.

  • USE: Apply a thick layer over the entire face and neck area then leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe or rinse off any excess product depending on skin type.

  • All skin types, especially dehydrated skin. 

  • Perfect to prevent signs of ageing.

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Hydrating essential ampoules

A new essential part of the beauty ritual to optimize skin hydration. 

  • Ideal for keeping the skin well hydrated.

  • Textured formula .

  • Fragrance free.

  • USE: After cleansing the skin, apply half of the ampoule in the morning and half in the evening to the face and neck, lightly drum the skin to ensure it is fully absorbed, then continue with the usual serum(s) + cream ritual.

  • Frequency: A course of treatment with 7 ampoules, as often as necessary.

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