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These professional treatments are designed to bring you visible results. The expertise of your Beauty Therapist combine with the quality of products used will allow you to experience a unique moment of truly enjoyable skincare.

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Body Scrub: Soft, silky, beautiful skin. To remove dry, dead, rough cells and a hydrating veil applied. Ideal before and after tanning. (30 mins).  £35.00


Purifying Back Treatment: A deep cleansing treatment for the whole back. For those suffering from congested or acneic problem a course of 4 to 8 treatments is recommended. (45 mins). £56.00      

Sothys Smoothing Warming Professional Treatment: A treatment protocol combining the originality of a warming effect with the sensory indulgence of a foam wrap with 2 goals: 1) To bring warmth and tone to the skin before exercise. 2) To perfect the figure or to treat yourself to a little relaxation, in a sensory wrap. 45 minutes. £65.00

Sothys Nutri-Relaxing Massage: Cosmetic massage inspired by Deep Tissue, specially designed for absolute comfort and relaxation. Combining deep smoothing and pressure, with drumming motions along areas of tension, this massage helps relieve strain (due to exercice, stress, bad posture), stimulates and tones. 1 hour. £65.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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