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For beautiful hands and feet, treat them with a beauty treatment at your home!

ongles manucurés

Reshaping & Varnish: Over 20 colours to choose from. £12.00 (for hands). £14.00 (for feet). 

Quick Manicure: Shaping, cuticle treatment and free varnish (if requested) £16.00       


Classic Manicure: Shaping, soaking, cuticle treatment, light massage and free varnish (if requested).  £20.00

Luxury Hand Treatment: Classic manicure with exfoliation, massage and free varnish (if requested).  £29.50

Basic Pedicure: Shaping, cuticule treatment and free varnish (if requested). £20.00

Classic Pedicure: Soaking, shaping, cuticle treatment, foot scrub, massage and free varnish (if requested). £28.50

Luxury Pedicure: Classic pedicure with longer massage of feet and ankles, and a moisturizing mask. £36.00

Luxury Nourishing Treatment for Feet and Ankles: Nourishing treatment which reveals very soft and supple skin on your feet. The perfect treatment for dry and very dry feet thanks to a wonderful sea salt scrub and a nourishing mask. £40.00

Luxury Nourishing Treatment with Pedicure: Soaking, cuticle treatment, sea salt scrub, nourishing mask and free varnish (if requested). £49.50 

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