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Martine, your Beauty Therapist will offer you highly effective facial treatments that combine exfoliation, massage, serum, mask, etc... and professional products to meet the most "essential" needs of your skin.


Sothys Fundamental Classic Treatment: A customized treatment adapted to skin needs to maintain and protect the different skin types. For all skins (1 hour). £47.00

Benefits: A 100% customized treatment to find and to keep a beautiful skin.

Visuel pour soin organic.jpg

Sothys ORGANICS Certified Radiance Treatment: This express treatment with a fresh scent awakens the skin and gives it instant radiance. The alliance of sensoriality and efficiency in the new Sothys Organics® organic certified facial treatment. Dive into the heart of nature accompanied by unique music and enjoy a moment of deep relaxation thanks to a deeply relaxing face and scalp cocooning massage. For all skin types even sensitive. £49.50

Benefits: This treatment awakens the skin and gives it instant radiance, suppleness and comfort. Enjoy less stress after the treatment.

Cryo eye treatment with porcelain sans l

Sothys CRYO Eye Professional Treatment: This 45-minute treatment, which has been specifically designed for the eye area, immediately erases signs of fatigue and ageing, while Sothys exclusive the modelling porcelains provide a refreshing effect. (45 minutes). £55.00

Benefits: Immediate smoothing effect, brighter eye contour and rested eyes. Can be combined with a facial treatment.

Sothys Professional Correcting Treatment: Concentrated with powerful active substances, this 4-step treatment helps restore clear, blemish-free skin. Perfect for combinatation and oily skins with or without blemishes. (45 minutes). Coming soon!

Sothys Oxygenating Seasonal Treatment: A treatment with almond and pear notes to oxygenate, hydrate, smooth, brighten and protect the skin from the elements. (45 minutes). £56.50

Benefits: The skin is revitalised and radiant.


Sothys Glysalac Professional PeelExpress treatment to refine the skin's texture, provide immediate brightening, smooth the skin and reveal a clear uniform skin tone. Double action cosmetic peel with an acid pH. Not recommended for sensitive skin, severely dehydrated skin and pregnant women (40 mins). £57.00 

Benefits: Contains 20% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells, purify the pores and promote skin radiance. Can be combined with another treatment to boost the targeted results and maximize the benefits. 

Sensitive skin treatment.jpg

Sothys Soothing Professional Treatment with SPA Thermal Water: Using ultra-gentle textures, this treatment has been formulated to respect the sensitivity of all skins. Perfect for sentive skins. (45 minutes). £62.00

Benefits: The skin is more comfortable and soothed. After one treatment: 25% reduction in skin sensitivity.

Sothys Perfect Shape Professional Treatment: From the cheekbones to the bust, this treatment has been specially designed for those who want to preserve the youth of their face shape and décolleté. Professional treatment in 3 stages : Scrub, massage, and double mask to smooth and tone. (45 mins).  Coming soon!

Resufacing peel treatment.jpg

Sothys Professional Resurfacing Peel Treatment: A treatment inspired by medical techniques to intensely renew the skin with a synergy of advanced technology and the expertise of your Sothys Beauty Therapist. This treatment is based on two well-known exfoliation methods: Peel and microdermabrasion for high performance skin cleansing. For all skin types except sensitive. (1 hour). £70.00

Benefits: The skin is clearer, smoother and renewed. The complexion is radiant.


Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment: Based on its latest Advanced research discoveries, Sothys is now revealing its new hydrating intensive treatment. The absolute hydration solution with 6 stages to quench, hydrate and plump the skin, renewing its youthfulness. For all skin types (1 hour 15 mins). £79.50

Benefits: Ultra comfortable textures and high performance active ingredients to flood the skin with well-being and give it a feeling of absolute hydration. After the first treatment, 100% of people say the skin is hydrated, softer and more radiant (self-assessment by 20 people after one treatment.

NEW Sothys Illuminating Professional Treatment: As a treatment specialist, Sothys has developed a radiance beauty routine to target and treat all types of dark spots. At the heart of this routine lies organic White nettle extract (Patent pending France no. 2302520), inspired by the Jardins Sothys™ and derived from Sothys Advanced research. This 6-step treatment provides a triple solution: dark spots, hydration and an even complexion. For all skin types (1 hour 15 minutes). £79.50.

Benefits: A more even complexion and a reduction in the visual intensity of pigmentation spots.


Sothys Youth Intensive Treatment: Through 5 steps, and no fewer 8 specific formulas, experience Sothys youth effectiveness, as well as relaxation, and expert treatment, for visibly younger skin. For all skin types. A course of 3 treatments is recommended. (1 hour 15 mins). £87.50

Benefits: One week after the course of 3 treatments, up to 6 years off the skin. Immediate and long-lasting results.

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