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Using high quality make-up products incorporating active formulas rigorously selected to favour efficiency and pleasure.

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Day Time Make-Up (make-up for everyday life) £35.00

Special Occasions make-up (evening, cocktail...)  £40.00

Bridal Make-Up (includes one trial)  £70.00

Make-Up Lesson: Learn how to apply make-up correctly, how to use products to enhance your natural beauty, and how to create different effects for every  occasion.  (1 hour) £45.00 for one person, £40.00 for two or three persons (price per person).

Make-Up Workshop:   Learn how to apply make-up  and  enhance your natural  beauty by using high quality  make-up products with  your friends. Includes demonstrations. Minimum 3 persons (2 hours)  £45.00 per person, up to 6 people  £40.00 per person.

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Most of the make-up products are available to purchase. If you buy make-up products on the same day than your make-up appointment, you can receive a discount up to 50¨% on your make-up application depending how much you spend on products.

Sothys make-up products are also available on the online shop.

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