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Cleansers & Scrubs

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A beautiful skin starts by Sothys 3-step beauty ritual that respects each skin personality:

Daily cleansing - Regular peeling - Deep cleansing.

Step 1: Daily cleansing

To remove superficial impurities from the skin that accumulate during the day, such as pollution, dust, make-up.

Cleansing milk & toning lotion: A duo for everyone! 

  • Vitality to tone normal to combination skin. Fresh texture with grapefruit extract. This duo of cleansing milk and toner is also suitable for all skin types.

  • Comfort to soothe sensitive skin. Unctuous texture with cotton extract. Dry skin can also use this duo of cleansing milk and toner, or anyone desiring a unctuous cleansing milk.

  • Purity to unclog oily skin. Light texture milk and bi-phase toner with kaolin. Both products contain purifying iris extract. Combination skin can also use this duo.

  • Clarity to unify skin with fragile capillaries. Delicate texture with even-toning witch hazel extract to help reduce effectively redness of the skin.

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Purity milk.jpg
Purity lotion sans la plante.jpg
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Clarity lotion sans la plante.jpg


  • For those who like cleansing with water, the cleansing milk can be rised off and followed by toning lotion.

  • The cleansing milks and toning lotions are particularly recommended for use in the evening, but can also be used in the morning.

Eye and lip make-up removing fluid

To remove all types of make-up from the eyes and lips (even waterproof) without leaving a oily residue. Not suitable for eyelash extensions.

Micellar cleansing water

To cleanse the face and eyes gently, effectively and in one step. Suitable for eyelash extensions. Not for waterproof make-up.

Eye make up remover.jpg
Micellar water 2.jpg


If you wear eyelash extensions, the only product suitable to remove your eye make-up is micellar  cleansing water.

Morning cleanser

For all skin types, even sensitive. Its unctuous texture with chamomile extract and sweet almond oil softens the skin and gently removes the impurities produced by the skin every day.

Purifying foaming gel

For combination to oily skin. A fresh gel texture with iris and meadowsweet extracts to remove the daily impurities that clog combination to oily skins.

Morning cleanser.jpg
Foaming gel.jpg


Particularly recommended for the morning, these 2 wash-off cleansers can also be used in the evening. The purifying foaming gel is not recommended to remove face make-up (foundation, powder; blusher...).

Step 2: Regular peeling

To remove dead skin cells and promote cellular renewal.

Biological skin peeling

Grain free  peeling for all skin types even sensitive skin. Enriched in softening jasmine extract, this grain-free formula containing kaolin and rice starch powders gently removes dead skin cells when rubbed in.

Face scrub

For all skin types, except sensitive skin. Easy exfoliation for fans of granular textures. This scrub gently eliminates dead skin cells, refines the skin texture and reveals the radiance of the complexion. 

Micro-gel peeling

For all skin types, except sensitive skin. A magical texture containing white tea extract and exfoliating particles, for gentle exfolation. It melts on the skin and transforms into oil when applied, then into milk on contact with water.


Step 3: Deep cleansing

To remove the impurities that the skin produces naturally, such as sweat and excess sebum.


The universal Sothys cleanser for all skin types, even sensitive skin. This deep-cleanser helps to remove stubborn impurities from the skin. It foams into a lather until impurities disappear. Gives a radiant complexion. 

  • Oily skin: Twice a week.

  • Normal to combination skin: Once to twice a week.

  • Dry/sensitive/dehydrated skin: Twice a month.

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Sothys has developed two more cleansers.

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Revitalising Cleanser.jpg
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