Vitality Youth Cream 50 ml

Vitality Youth Cream 50 ml


Youth objective: Fix. To reduce the signs of fatigue, smooth the features and even out the complexion. 50 ml.


Benefits: The skin radiates with freshness, its youth appears preserved.

    • Pore refiner system to act on the causes of the appearance of pores linked to ageing (loss of elasticity) and their visible signs (wider pores), (polyphenols from the mature fruit of Rosa multiflora thunberg).
    • Chrono-energizing complex (Mg, Cu, Zn, Ca salts) to restore minerals of the skin.
    • Phytic acid to gently resurface.
    • BP3. Tri-complex™ Saffron-Sophora Peptides: Combinaison of Saffron and Sophora with new generation peptides. It can help the skin to fight against oxidative stress and et fight the signs of chronological ageing.

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