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Ultra Lipid SOS Serum 30 ml

Ultra Lipid SOS Serum 30 ml


This Ultra-lipid SOS serum, with a dry texture, was formulated to immediately soothe feelings of discomfort and restore balance to the skin’s ecosystem. The skin quickly becomes more comfortable, and appears soothed. 30 ml. Vegan


Benefits: 100% satisfaction. Skin is more nourished, more supple and softer after 8 days of using.

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    • GRAPE FLOWER STEM CELLS to strengthen the skin barrier by lastingly holding water in the epidermis.
    • ORGANIC PRECIOUS ARGAN OIL: Rich in vitamin E, this oil is perfect for combatting skin dryness.
    • PHYTOSQUALANE DERIVATED FROM OLIVE OIL: Renowned for its moisturizing and softening properties.
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