Sothys ORGANICS Skin radiance exfoliant 50 ml

Sothys ORGANICS Skin radiance exfoliant 50 ml


This gentle exfoliant combines raspberry seeds and Camargue rice grains with revitalizing birch sap. It delicately eliminates impurities and dead skin cells. For all skin types even sensitive. Perfect for men. 50 ml Vegan


Benefits: Skin texture is refined and the skin becomes glowing and radiant.

    • ORGANIC BIRCH SAP. Derived from Sothys Advanced Research. The sap is harvested in the border area between Cantal and Corrèze, a few kilometres from the Jardins de Sothys in Auriac. Its manual harvest is carried out by a professional on carefully selected trees (age, diameter, etc.). Rich in sugars and minerals, birch sap is renowned for its moisturizing and revitalizing properties.

    • RASPBERRY SEEDS & CAMARGUE RICE. For an exfoliating action.