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Sothys ORGANICS Revitalising emulsion

Sothys ORGANICS Revitalising emulsion

PriceFrom 14,00£

This light moisturiser contains a complex of organic plant active ingredients (birch sap, hawthorn floral water and retinol-like* alfalfa extract), reducing signs of fatigue, visibly smoothing the features and offering freshness and radiance to the skin. For all skin types even sensitive. Perfect for men. 50 ml Vegan


Benefits: Youth and vitality are preserved on a daily basis.

    • RETINOL-LIKE* ALFALFA EXTRACT: Grown in france, in Charentes maritimes and in Drôme. Rich in galactomannans, Alfalfa, also called lucerne or cloverlike, is renowned for its retinol-like activity* by stimulating collagen synthesis. Increases collagen synthesis by + 201%. *Acts like retinol.

    • ORGANIC BIRCH SAPR: Derived from Sothys Advanced Research. Rich in sugars and minerals, birch sap is renowned for its moisturizing and revitalizing properties.


    • ORGANIC HAWTHORN FLORAL WATER: Harvested in france, in the Auvergne area. This water collected after distillation is concentrated in active molecules and renowned for its soothing and toning properties.


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