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Renovative Micro-Capsules 60 x 0,4 ml

Renovative Micro-Capsules 60 x 0,4 ml


A new step to incorporate capsules into your evening treatment ritual. These unique micro-capsules, which are plant-based and 100% biodegradable, deliver the right amount of pure vitamin C (20%) to your skin, in a velvety-soft formula. Night after night, your skin is visibly transformed by the effects of this serum containing concentrated vitamin C, with proven efficiency on radiance and the appearance of the signs of ageing (firmness, wrinkles and dark spots). 60 x 0,4 ml. Vegan


Benefits: CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFICIENCY: 100% immediate improvement in radiance.

    • PURE VITAMIN C: In a 20% concentration to restore radiance and firmness to the skin while reducing dark spots. It’s the ultimate versatile active ingredient for youthful skin!
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