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Redensifying Youth Cream 50 ml

Redensifying Youth Cream 50 ml


Youth objective: Regenerate. To restore a radiant complexion that is full of vitality while reducing the visible signs of ageing. 50 ml. Vegan


Benefits: Revitalised, the skin appears redensified.

    • BP3. Tri-complex™ Saffron-Sophora-Peptides: Combinaison of Saffron and Sophora with new generation peptides. It can help the skin to fight against oxidative stress and et fight the signs of chronological ageing. 
    • Alisma peptides to enhance the function barrier of the skin.
    • Kombucha extract to visibly reduce wrinkles and plump the skin.
    • Uronic acid and Bambara pea extract to extend visibly the youth of the skin.
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