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Protective Depolluting Essence 30 ml

Protective Depolluting Essence 30 ml


Antipollution shield to incorporate into your beauty ritual every day, and protect your skin's youth. This formula works as a barrier against pollution. Its innovative dropper bottle provides just the right amount of protection, every day while enveloping the skin in an ultra-comfortable hydrating veil. 30 ml. Vegan


Benefits: The skin is better protected against the effects of pollution.

    • Detoxifying peptides: Biomimetic design. 360°global antipollution (outdoor/ indoor/internal).
    • Organic energizing Siberian ginseng root extract to protect the cell to maintain good energy levels and boost intracellular energy.
    • Organic elderberry extract - Patent pending FR 18 53898: A complete active ingredient to protect against pollution. Anti-free radical. 
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