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Instant Energizing Corrector 30 ml

Instant Energizing Corrector 30 ml


An incredible texture that transforms during application to adapt to all skin tones and skin types EE* cream contains encapsulated pigments to instantly target and correct any imperfections visible on the skin’s surface.* Energy Enhancer. 30 ml. Vegan


Benefits; Visual imperfections are erased and the complexion is unified in a single step.

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    • DETOXIFYING PEPTIDES: Biomimetic design. 360°global antipollution (outdoor/ indoor/internal).
    • ORGANIC ENERGIZING SIBERIAN GINSENG ROOT EXTRACT to protect the cell to maintain good energy levels and boosts intracellular energy.
    • ORGANIC ELDERBERRY EXTRACT - PATENT PENDING FR 18 53898: A complete active ingredient to protect against pollution 92%*. Anti-free radical. * Anti-pollution protection: 92% - in vitro testing of keratinocytes exposed to urban pollution.
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