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Anti-Puffiness Cryo Roll-on 15 ml

Anti-Puffiness Cryo Roll-on 15 ml


Formulated to visibly fight signs of fatigue around the eyes, including puffiness. This product is even more refreshing and relaxing if it is stored in the refrigerator for a few hours. 15 ml. Vegan


Benefits: Active packaging with three metal "cryo-effect" roller balls. 

    • Flax seed extract to protect the skin's barrier against external aggression, and dermal structures.
    • Ultra-regenerating complex: Reduces wrinkles. Anti-irritation, soothing properties. Hydrating, plumping.
    • Caffeine + oligosaccharides from marine plants: Anti-puffiness action.
    • Red algae extract: Decongestant action.
    • Brown algae extract: Anti-dark cicles.
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