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Nutri-Relaxing Oil 100 ml

Nutri-Relaxing Oil 100 ml


Enveloping oil that is specially formulated for athletic activity with a triple objective: Tone, compensate and comfort. Also suitable when not exercising for people who would like to nourish and tone their skin. 100 ml. Vegan


Benefits: This silky oil improves the tone for the skin for optimized exercice preparation, helps the skin recover its suppleness and nutrition, and comforts the skin after exercice.

    • Camphor: Renowned for its stimulating properties.
    • Sacha inchi oil rich in omega 3 and Vitamin F, rich in omega 6 to rebalance the barrier function and nourish.
    • Bisabolol: 100% natural extract from the Candeia tree, native of Brazil, renowned for its soothing properties.
    • Oily extract of arnica: Renowned for its soothing, relaxing properties.
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