NEW Couleur Caramel




Velvety, glowing, radiant... and yet, still natural and subtle. Here's how Couleur Caramel enhances your complexion with its new line of Organic Mineral Foundation. 100% natural, talc-free, fragrance-free and Cosmebio approved.


In only 3 steps, Bio MINERAL provides a perfect and long lasting finish suitable for all skin types. This new mineral foundation is available in 9 shades.


Bio Mineral Foundation


1st STEP: CAPTURE THE LIGHT with the white make-up base. To maximise the finish and staying power of make-up, apply with your fingers to clean, dry skin. Organic active ingredients will soothe and moisturise while fighting free radicals.

2nd STEP: SET THE BASE with the free powder. Apply a veil of free powder over your face using the powder brush. Its extremely fine texture allows make-up to set with a "barely there" covering underneath. You can then apply BIO MINERAL foundation with ease, while keeping in its precious minerals.

3rd STEP: UNIFY THE COMPLEXION with the Bio Mineral foundation. Pour a small amount of powder into the lid of the BIO MINERAL foundation container. Crush the minerals by turning the Kabuki brush and apply over your face using circular motion. Your complexion is naturally unified without any visible trace. 

BONUS: For a radiant complexion. Once your foundation is set, apply a little of the radiance powder to the apples of your cheeks with the powder brush. Glowing skin is guaranteed! 


  • White Make-Up Base Pouch (50 ml): £23.50,
  • Free Powder (Sandy Light Beige): £20.00,
  • Powder Brush: £23.00,
  • Organic Mineral Foundation: £20.00,
  • Kabuki Brush: £23.50,
  • Radiance Powder: £21.50.


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