Beautify your nails thanks to the Couleur Caramel range of nail care products and nail polishes.        





All nail polishes and bases are toluen-free, formaldhyde-free and rosin-free.



                  Nail Care 

Nail Double-Use Action Base                                 £4.05                                                                                                       Boost the hold of your nail polish and protect your nails by applying the sheer double-action base to the entire nails. Used alone, before or after applying a nail  polish,  it  offers  and  intense,  natural-looking shine.  Nail polish fixer. Quick dry, in less than one minute.


Nail Hardening Base                                                              £4.05                                                                                                       The nail hardening base hepls boost nail growth. It is a sheer treatment that protects the nails. It can be applied alone or before the nail polish as a base. Excellent wear. Quick dry, in less than one minute. 


Nail Polish                                                     £4.05                                                                                                Choose from amongst a multitude of shades a nail polish that suits your outfit and mood.  Apply an even coat over the hardener or double use treatment for optimal hold. Exellent wear.                                                                            


Nail Polish


27 colours available. Three ranges: Matt, Pearly and French Manicure.


Nail Care Oil: 99.3% plant-based active ingredients                                £4.05                                                                                                       The Couleur Caramel nail care oil is perfect to boost growth and strengthen the nails. Massage this nourishing and moisturising treatment onto the nail contour everyday. Enriched with essential fatty acids.