Choose sensuality! A full range of make-up products is available to give your lips a voluptuous and luminous effect.



Lip Gloss:  100% natural ingredients                                                         £16.00                                                                                                       Get shiny, voluptuous and luminous lips with a comfortable texture that offers perfect hold. Choose your shade and discover a different fragrance with each gloss. Enriched with plant-based active ingredients. No sticky effect.



Lip Gloss


10 colours available.


Lipstick: 100% natural ingredients                                                          £15.35                                                                                                      Couleur Caramel offers a wide choice of shades and textures so you can enjoy shine, comfort and long-lasting hold. Enriched with vegetable active ingredients.




30 colours available. 2 different ranges: Matt, and Glossy/Pearly.


Lip Pencil:  100% natural ingredients                                               £10.50                                                                                                     The pencils glide on gently and smoothly. They define the lip contour to stop the lipstick or gloss  from feathering.  When applied to the entire lips,  they boost lipstick or gloss hold. Enriched in treating active ingredients.


Lip Pencil


13 colours available.


Transparent Lip Balm: 100% natural ingredients                                  £15.00                                                                                                     Moisturises and protects your lips. Can be used alone or before your lipstick or gloss.