Couleur Caramel offers you a full range of eye make-up to create all looks.



Eye Shadow: 100% natural ingredients                                    £10.25                                                                                                   Enjoy playing with colours and subtle contrasts. Intensify, shape or illiminate your  eyes  and make  them  sparkle.                                                                       


Eye Shadow

32 colours available. Two different ranges: Matt and Pearly.


Eye Shadow


Pearl Touch: 100% natural ingredients                                            £12.50                                                                                                       Illuminate  the  eyes,  create  zones of light   on the lips or  a subtle  veil of shimmer on the skin. Have great, easy fun playing with colours and contrasts. Silky and velvety texture.

Pearl Touch


2 colours available


Mascara: 99% natural ingredients                                                  £17.00                                                                                                    This formula's "water-base" replaces solvents that are harsh on the skin. Its treatments formula enables you to apply several consecutive coats without damaging the lashes. True care for the eyes. Intensify the eyes by thickening and/or lengthening the lashes. 2 brushes available (short or long lashes).


4 colours available (black, plum, brown and blue).


Eye Liner: 98% natural ingredients                                                 £16.00                                                                                                   Its "water-based" formula replaces solvents that are very harsh on the skin. Rich in natural ingredients, it is a genuine eye care treatment. The felt-tip lets you easily intensify the eyes by accentuating the lash line.

Eye Liner


4 colours available (black, plum, caramel and blue-grey).


Eye Pencil: 100% natural ingredients                                              £10.50                                                                                                 Suitable for all eye colours, the pencils glide gently and smoothly across the skin, without causing irritations. They intensify the eyes. Enriched in treating active ingredients. Eye Pencil 

16 colours available.


Eyebrow Pencil: 100% natural ingredients £13.00                                                                                                    The semi-hard lead draws an excellent line to intensify, define or shape the eyebrows. Excellent wear. Integrated brush.

Eyebrow Pencil

3 colours available (dark brown, light brown and blond).