These professional treatments are designed to bring you visible results. The expertise of your Beauty Therapist combined with the quality of Resultime by Collin  products will allow you to experience a unique moment of truly enjoyable skincare.


Slimming Treatments

Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap: For those with cellulite this wrap will work precisely on the fat cells and firm the silhouette - dispersing cellulite for a smooth firm contour. A course of treatments is highly recommended. (1 hour). £60.00                                                                                      

Contouring Body Wrap: For those with stubborn fatty deposits around the waist, stomach and upper arm, this programme will "break down" the fat cells for a more contoured figure. A course of treatments is highly recommended.  (1 hour). £60.00                                                                                                                                                                                            

Draining Body Wrap: If you suffer from cellulite and are prone to fat, heavy lower legs, this treatment aids the elimination of toxins through lymphatic drainage whilst firming the contours of the body. A course of treatments is highly recommended. (1 hour)  £60.00  

Cellu-Active Envelopment: Ideal to smoothe the appearance of cellulite and coarse skin, this treatment will activate the slimming process on visible cellulite less than 2 years old. Good before and after dieting. (40 mins).  £50.00                                                                                           

Hydration/Relaxation Treatments

Body Scrub: Soft, silky, beautiful skin. To remove dry, dead, rough cells and a hydrating veil applied. Ideal before and after tanning. (30 mins).  £35.00

Relaxing Back Treatment: A luxury treatment for the ultimate back massage experience, to alleviate tension and soothe tired muscles. (45 mins). £45.00                                                                                           

Purifying Back Treatment: A deep cleansing treatment for the whole back. For those suffering from congested or acneic problem a course of 4 to 8 treatments is advisable. (45 mins). £56.00                                                                                                                                                             

Nutritive Envelopment: A relaxing treatment which reveals soft and supple skin. Your whole body will glow with good health whilst the mask delivers essential vitamins to energise and reinforce elasticity of the skin.  (55 mins). £60.00


Corrective Body Treatments

Bust & Décolleté Treatment: A total treatment to bring back the youth to your breasts, a major asset to your feminity. For volume and structure, lifting and firming. Advisable pre and post maternity and surgery. An intensive course of 6 is highly recommended. (50 mins)   £50.00                                                                                           

Light Leg Treatment: An invogorating treatment for those who suffer with water retention or swollen ankles and knees. A must have for tired legs, poor circulation and respite during the later stage of pregnancy. (1 hour)  £67.00                                                                                           

Stretch Marks Peeling Treatment: A result driven treatment to minimise stretch marks regardless of their age and stage. This treatment will strenghten the skin's tissue and improve the appearance of marks. Each treatmemt will cover 20 x 20 cm area. A course of treatments is recommended. (1 hour). £70.00