A full range of accessories is available for your daily use. Enjoy using high quality brushes!  Build up  your own  make-up  palette thanks to the empty boxed sets.


Empty Boxed Sets                                                               Feel free to make up your own colour palette and to change and to change it depending on your mood. Each box has a magnetic clasp and built-in mirror. Easy to carry.

Empty Duo Box                                                                        £6.50                                                                                        Can hold 2 eye shadows of your choice.

Empty Trio Box                                                                        £12.50                                                                                                        Can hold 2 eye shadows and one powder (compact powder, sun powder or blusher) of your choice.

Make-Up Palette


Empty 4 Eye Shadows + 2 Compact Powders Box                        £13.50                                                                                                       Can hold 4 eye shadows and 2 powders (compact powder, sun powder and/or blusher) of your choice.


Make-Up Palette


Empty Multifunction Small Case                                                     £12.00                                                                                                       Can hold one compact powder or sun powder or blusher of your choice or two eye shadows of your choice.

Empty Multifunction Medium Case                                                 £13.50                                                                                                        Can hold either 2 powders (compact powder or blusher or sun powder) or one powder and 2 eye shadows or 4 eye shadows of your choice.


Brushes                                                                                        Discover 7 brushes adapted to every step of your make-up routine.  Couleur Caramel brushes are made of the noblest and most effective materials. They are easy and pleasant to use.

Make-Up Brush 


Lip Brush (to apply lipstick and gloss)                                                      £14.50

Eye Shadow Brush with a slanted tip (to structure the eyes)          £17.50

Shading Brush (to apply concealers)                                                     £17.50

Orbit Brush (to blend eye shadows)                                                         £17.50

Sponge Brush with 4 refills (to apply eye shadows)                             £17.50    Set of 4 sponge brush refills: £3.50

Blush Brush (to apply blusher)                                                                £19.50

Powder Brush (to structure the face)                                                      £23.00


Sharpener                                                                         £6.50 (two holes)                                                                                    This is an essential for every cosmetics bag.  Small and compact, you can  take it with you everywhere. Its shaving collector is great for when you are out and about. 



Double Sponge Applicator (in bag of 30)                                             £1.75                                                                                                         Replace your sponge applicator of your palette whenever you need.